Classes & Workshops

  1. Who is eligible to take an EAG class? 
    • EAG offers both classes and weekend workshops. Non-members may take weekend workshops, space allowing. Please contact us to register.
    • To register for a regular multi-session class or open studio option, EAG & NPCC membership is required. This supports our use of the our wonderful art centre.   
  2. ​How can I pay?
    • EAG accepts payments by cheque only, payable to the "Etobicoke Art Group". Cheques may be mailed or dropped off at the NPCC reception desk.
    • Please use black or blue ink when writing cheques as other ink colours do not scan in the bank machines.
  3.  HST is included in all class fees.

1. If I join EAG or take a printmaking class, can I use the large press? 
The Thursday program is the only group that may use the large press.  The Thursday program always has a waiting list. Ongoing membership and documented printmaking experience is required to have your name maintained on the waiting list. 

2. Is the small press available to members during Open Studio times?
The small press may be used by members who have taken an EAG printmaking class and conditionally on another printmaker working with them. At least 2 printmakers must be present for use of the small press. In addition, there is a set of rules for use of the small press that must be followed. Copies of the Small Press Guidelines are available in the studio.

3. Is there a Class convener ?
Every EAG class and workshop has a convener. The convener is responsible for relaying messages to the class, ensuring that every class member uses the equipment correctly and follows safety procedures, and that the instructor has a class list.

4. Are there extra supplies that I need to bring to class ?
Every particpant must bring a table covering, and if they are using an easel, a drop cloth to protect the floor beneath it. It is also recommended that you bring your own paper towels and other items need for clean-up.
revised July 2018​


From mid June to mid September, EAG reserves our Studio B for members on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Mondays and Fridays may be available but members must inquire at the NPCC desk or by phone to the Centre and pay a drop in fee to NPCC.

Thursdays remains a printmaking day with members signing up in advance although there may be room for another member to do printmaking if not everyone shows up. Inquire by asking Rena Sava.

Tuesdays and Wednesdays are Open Studio -see our summer special on Fees below.

Please note:

Studio B will not be available to members from July 9-13 when it is booked for a Haliburton School of Art + Design program.

STUDIO B Drop -in Fees Summer Special

Studio B will be available to members for general drop-in on most Tuesdays and Wednesdays from June through mid September.

If paid in advance, members can enjoy a discounted summer drop-in rate

8 half-days, am or pm, @ 40.00 [35.38 +4.62 hst] or 8 full days @64.00 [56.62 +7.38 hst] to be used on any open studio days from June to September inclusive. 

Please make your cheques payable to the "Etobicoke Art Group"

Otherwise $11.30 per day or part of a day if paid by the single day.

A sign-in book will be in the studio. Please make sure to sign in each day



Monday Morning 
Photoshop – Artistic Practices with John Bingham
9.30 am - 12.30pm 
Sept 24 – Dec 3. No class Oct 8
Details TBA

Monday Afternoon Life Drawing 
Short pose warm up then sustained longer poses
1:00pm - 4:00pm 
Sept 24 – Dec 3   No class Oct 8
 [115.04 +14.96 HST] $ 130.00 includes model fees (10 sessions)
The Life Studio requires a minimum of 10 registered participants.
Drop ins will be possible, space allowing, at $20 per afternoon, HST included. Payment by cheque only.


Advanced Studio with John Leonard
Tuesday am 9:30 – 12:30
Tuesday pm 1:00 – 4:00
Oct  2-Dec 4
 [168.14 + 21.86 HST] $ 190.00  *please mark your application for AM or PM class

Tuesday Afternoon “A” Group
No instructor, limited to 12 spaces 
Tuesday pm 1:00 – 4:00pm
Oct  2-Dec 4
 [75.22 + 9.78 HST] $ 85.00, includes some instructor support
No drop in option.


Wednesday Members Open Studio
9.00am to 4:00pm
Sept 26 – Nov 28
[97.35 +12.65 HST] $ 110.00 for 10 weeks, any part of a day
Drop in [9.73 + 1.27 HST]  $11.00 any part of a single day, cheque only
*Sign in each session is required


Thursday Advanced Printmaking Studio
Wait list only - class full
9.00am to 4:00pm
Sept 27 – Nov 29  (10 sessions)
[97.35 +12.65 HST] $ 110.00 for 10 weeks, plus material fees $20 payable to convener


Intaglio Etching with Lorna Livey 
Limited space available. 
5 sessions with instruction, 5 sessions of studio to put it to practice
Instructor: Oct 5, 19, Nov 2,16,23
Studio :  Sep 28, Oct 12,26, Nov 9, 30.
$ 155.00 for 10 weeks, HST included , plus material fees payable to the instructor


Watch this space for Workshop announcements