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Cheryl Bailey's website at

Taya Barishev's website at

Alice Berloni's art blog at

Nancy Cuttle's  website

Susan Dain's  website at

Elizabeth Elliott's website at

Adrian Greene's website

Heather Grindley's page in the Ontario Society of Artists' Registry

Kathleen Haushalter's art blog at

Robin Hollingdrake's websites at  and

Jacintha Krish at

Darlene Kulig at

Mary Anne Ludlam at the Robert's Gallery

Aggie McConnell's site at

Helen McCusker's art blog for  Eaglewood Studios at

Eileen Menzel's site at

Cheryl Mount's website at

Rhoda Payne's site at

Chris Proctor at

Anne Remmell at

Rena Sava's website at  

Otilia Gruneantu Scriuba at

Stephen Smylie's website at

Margaret Stawicki's website at

Rick Taylor's  website

Carol Zachar's homepage at


Neilson Park Creative Centre homepage

City of Toronto, Arts, Heritage and Culture link to Neilson Park Creative Centre